With the warm weather comes the threat of red mites to all poultry and whether you keep two or two hundred hens, red mite prevention/treatment is essential for healthy, happy hens.

A two-step approach is always best, with a topical powder applied direct to all birds as well as treating housing thoroughly.

Mite prevention:

Mite prevention is essential from May-October in the UK.

A topical treatment applied directly to the birds (especially around the vent area and wings) and gently rubbed into feathers helps to discourage mites feeding from them. We recommend Battles Red Mite Powder. The slow release formulation will last for up to six weeks depending on weather conditions but should be applied as necessary.

To help prevent red mite infestation, clean all poultry housing weekly, removing all bedding and apply Nettex Total Mite Kill to the housing. We recommend the removal of all perches, nest boxes, feeders and drinkers and any other removal items before applying Nettex Total Mite Kill Solution (also available in concentrate form). Pay particular attention to ensure that all cracks and crevasses are treated as this is where mites are likely to gather. Mites commonly gather underneath perches and in small gaps, coming out at night to feed on birds.

All birds, eggs, food and water should be removed from the housing while the product is applied. Leave to dry for a minimum of two hours before returning birds to their housing. Please read manufacturer’s guidelines before applying product.

We recommending applying treatment to housing weekly in warmer months.

Treating an infestation:

Follow the above steps, ensuring that all bedding is removed and all areas of the housing are treated. For severe infestations, some poultry keepers choose to pressure wash the inside and outside of the housing before applying treatment.

We recommend re-applying housing treatment 3 days after initial treatment, then once a week for a month to ensure the infestation is properly addressed.

A topical powder applied directly to birds will give them some relief at night from red mites during an infestation. Powder can also be applied to dust baths and other areas the chickens are likely to use in order to discourage mites.

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Please read manufacturer’s guidelines before using products.